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Greg Nelson

Spiritual Teacher & Strengths Coach

I believe some of the most important questions to ask ourselves are, Why am I here? Where am I going? And how am I getting there? Spending intentional time reflecting on and discovering the answers to those questions has the potential to radically revolutionize your life. And your personal transformation in turn creates a ripple effect that engages the people around you, producing maximum fulfillment, meaning, and depth. Life is too short not to make it really count, not to live your life instead of someone else’s. Your journey can be filled with purpose and satisfaction and joy. So would you say that you’re living your best life right now? If not, what’s stopping you? Answering those questions for myself has empowered me in remarkable ways to move beyond maintenance to significance. That’s why I’m passionate about helping people take that journey, too!

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Shasta Nelson

Relationship & Transition Coach

No matter how connected we are, how popular we hope we are or how many friends we have on facebook, a nagging sense of loneliness permeates our culture. Whether it’s a move to a new city, a change in our relationship status, a switch in jobs or the entering of a new life phase, the majority of us may feel like we know a lot of people, but we are keenly aware that we are lacking that deep sense of belonging. New York Times recently reported that there are no factors more important in our overall health than our circle of friends. Our friendships can determine the success of our life goals, elevate our happiness, decrease our stress, increase our life expectancy and aid us in recovery from grief or sickness. As founder of GirlfriendCircles.com and life coach for transitions, Shasta coaches individuals and groups through the transitions of life, paying close attention to the role that our community has in our well-being.

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Living Your Best Life:  A 30 day Journey of Personal Growth

Living Your Best Life: A 30 day Journey of Personal Growth

Covering topics such as the power of hope, the clarifying of vision, self-identity, the impact others have on your goals, setting healthy expectations, building great relationships, identifying areas of life that need “letting go,” finding your life meaning and purpose, and a variety of tools to effectively enhance life direction. Dr. Greg Nelson has developed this 30 day interactive book to help guide people in 15 minutes a day to a more maximized life. Explore your spirituality, relationships, core values, passion – where are you headed and how are you getting there and how can you live YOUR unique life? Packed full with stories, humor, illustrations and quotes from movies, autobiographies, songs and current events, each day will bring focus to a different area of your life, inspiring change, giving practical ways to apply it to life and ending each section with thought-provoking questions and exercises for personal evaluation.

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